Saturday, June 26, 2010

296.2 I know I know.....

So ya I know that is up from last week and I know I shouldn't blame it on everything but my self but I am. Last weekend was my fiancé's birthday, so we indulged in his favorite pepperoni pizza. I did order a veggie one so too so it wouldn't be to bad. Sunday was fathers day and Bear got in an accident wrecking his best friends mustang... We had quick and easy food all weekend long. My week was then followed by an all out crazy schedule. From 8 till' 12 I was at Vacation Bible School aka VBS then worked from 1 till' 7. Swan also had a crazy week working all the hours that I did not this week. I love working with those little kids every year buut it drains me. I did try to incorporate as much fruits and veggies as posible but working out was out of the question if I had I would have crashed mid week.
So those are my excuses and I'm sticking to it!
I vow that next week will be different and that I will try to work twice as hard on my diet, treadmill and bloggy. Crazy runner my run will be up to you.


  1. I know you can get back on track! VBS is very draining, and I only attended it 2 days!

    BUT, youo are up 0.4 lbs! So that means you owe me 0.8 miles of running and/or walking!

    Good way to help you get back on track for next week!


  2. You can get back dear. I personally know how draining VBS is. This is the first year I am not teaching it, usually its I have the second or third graders all by myself. I am very sorry to hear about your friend getting into an accident I hope everything is all A OK.

    Tell Crazy to SHHH he needs to offer you support not remind you that you are now going to have to RUN....LOL

    Cannot wait to see next weeks.

  3. It happens! Life can throw us a curve ball sometimes it just a matter of how we attack it. Remember on top of everything this was week 2 and week 2 is one of the hardest weeks. Keep on track and I know you will do very good! If you need any extra support through out the week text me...Swans has my #.