Sunday, June 27, 2010


Thanks to all for all ur support! I got ahead on this week and went grocery shopping today.... I have 2 drawers, a whole bottom shelf and half the top shelf covered in VEGGIES!!! All the family is like wtf!>! haha It's time to lose big or die!! I will be waking up at 6:30/7 tomorrow to do a run in the morning. Gosh I am not a morning person, but I always feel better through out the day when I do. Normally Swan is with me on Mondays setting a good example for me but with it being the beginning of the month our schedule is all kinds of messed up. So I WILL find stuff to do tomorrow and keep myself motivated. I have made everyone in my house aware that me falling off the horse last week was unacceptable and I NEED MOTIVATION, I am not a motivated person by any means.

VBS last week was a wake up call running around and dancing with 17 4-5yr olds was something I used to not think twice about. I had trouble keeping up and was just exhausted by the end of the day, my son will be in that group next year and I must be able to keep up with him. This time next year I will be at least 75 lbs. lighter, running and playing with my son. I will not let him fall in to the non-active kid role. I want him to lead a happy and healthy life style and the only way to do that is lead by example.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

296.2 I know I know.....

So ya I know that is up from last week and I know I shouldn't blame it on everything but my self but I am. Last weekend was my fiancé's birthday, so we indulged in his favorite pepperoni pizza. I did order a veggie one so too so it wouldn't be to bad. Sunday was fathers day and Bear got in an accident wrecking his best friends mustang... We had quick and easy food all weekend long. My week was then followed by an all out crazy schedule. From 8 till' 12 I was at Vacation Bible School aka VBS then worked from 1 till' 7. Swan also had a crazy week working all the hours that I did not this week. I love working with those little kids every year buut it drains me. I did try to incorporate as much fruits and veggies as posible but working out was out of the question if I had I would have crashed mid week.
So those are my excuses and I'm sticking to it!
I vow that next week will be different and that I will try to work twice as hard on my diet, treadmill and bloggy. Crazy runner my run will be up to you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

295.8 Friday WI

BIG FLAW IN WEIGHING IN ON THURSDAY! My scale is at work, but I work every Friday so I will be changing WI to Fridays. Soo as you can see I have a 4.7lb. weight loss! Pretty damn good for not really trying! Crazy runner you will just have to pick another day to do my weight loss run. At work now though, Bear works tonight though so I will be posting away later tonight.

Monday, June 14, 2010

300.6 lbs.

Flash Back June 1st

Sorry this took so long to get a post up, there has been alot of shenanigans going on lately. Anyways like i said 'Flash Back June 1st' my first day back to work after my week long holiday vacation. My awesome co-workers and I were catching up and talking about the happenings of the past week and my boss aka Bird brings up that she is fed up with her weight and wants to do something about it. I told her to hold that thought and stepped in to the restroom (where the WW scale is located), and I stood there for a minute knowing that I was BAD on vacation: It was my 24th Birthday week and all I did was party and use up all my fabulous b-day coupons, BOGO at Moe's, Free Appetizers here, Free Ice cream there, and 20% off at some of my favorite stores. Needless to say I knew that my habits that week would bite me in the butt but I was never ready for what I was about to see.

Before vacay I was 291 lbs., 'It shouldn't be to awful' I thought and then there it was 300.6 lbs. I stepped off and back on nope I wasn't crazy or seeing shit, I was 300 pounds. I went back to my desk without saying a word, it took me a minute before i could tell Bird and when i said it it felt more like I was croaking it out. I didn't cry although I could have, I was broke. I cried when i got home, a good hard ugly faced cry and realized that ever since I had my son aka Monkey I have ignored my weight. I am now putting my foot down I have ignored and abused my body for far to long and it is time to change.

Over the past two weeks I have been putting a game plan together and doing research, while cutting the really bad stuff out of my diet (aka sugary stuff & fried food). My coworker aka Swan has been on her own weight loss journey since early this year. I have supported her and followed her some but I was never committed. Finally my Swan started this blog for me so that I would have support, and I cant thank her enough from the bottom of my chubby little heart and I hope she knows that!

So I sit here posting my first blog EVER, after my first exercise in a long time! i have a had-me-down treadmill sooo the display doesn't work, but hey it works right?! Soo I use a Nike+ Ipod sensor on my shoe as my little work out helper. I will be starting a Daily Mile Account shortly too so that you all may see my progress. Thank you all who have started to follow me and to any new followers to come.

Friday, June 11, 2010


The keys have been turned over to the new tenant. :) All posting after this is 100 percent on her. She is excited and can't wait to move in and make it her own.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Follow me (UMM HER) I mean

Hello all my little lovelies!

This is Swan from Slenderswan I am creating this blog in hopes to entice my in real life friend to start her own weight loss journey.

She recently discovered that she is at her all time high weight - ever 300lbs She wants to loose but needs that motivation ball to start rolling. She is trying to encourage a biggest loser type program at her job but is awaiting approval from her boss. She thinks that will give her the umph she needs to start. I think that a blog/daily mile account would work for her as well. She is not taking the initiative to start this on her own so I am doing it for her. She wants that Jillian type tough love from her fiancee- Well I am giving it to her in MAKING a blog.

Please follow and comment some kick ass love. Pretty please? She likes that Jillian yelling so get to using caps please. :)