Friday, July 9, 2010


Blah, wish it was more but that's what I get when I'm not being friends with the treadmill. I need suggestions for more enjoyable exercise. I am not a person who enjoys work outs at all. I am hoping that once I lose more weight that the teadmill and I will become friends again... Buuut I did pass my 10 pound mark this week! Yay as long as I have -2 a week I feel comfortable, I am now also starting to see a small difference in my waist, and a co-worker said she noticed it my face... Well fingers crossed that I do I 5 next week I will be soooo happy! I wish all the best for all my other weight loss blotches out there , have a good weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010


I know my post is late, buut I did lose weight this week! Yay! Slow and steady wins the race right? Hopefully I can kick it up a notch soon, because I would like to be loosing double what I am.
Hehehe that little deal I made with the crazy runner...I have turned it in to a last chance workout, doing it the night before my WI and it dealt helped. Hopefully this week will be without hiccups! But life is full of potholes and speed bumps you just have to figure out how to deal.
On a side note we had a little triumph with my son this past week, #2 on the potty! Yay I never thought one pack of diapers would last me so long! I hope you all have great weeks in your weight loss adventures!